VIDEO: History of Zero

I wanted to quickly share a video, which I stumbled upon on the history of zero. A video by The Royal Institution and narrated by Hannah Fry, it describes how the history of mathematics closely mirrors the history of zero – first as a concept, and then ultimately as a number. The short animation shows how the evolution of the understanding of zero has helped shape our minds and our world.

I especially love the video due to its accessibility – anyone can understand it. It is in this way that mathematics can be popularised and loved by all!

Hope you enjoy! M x


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: History of Zero”

  1. Great post – have you ever managed to attend the events at the royal institution? They are really quite special. Another thing I would really recommend to you if you have an iPhone? Search for the science episodes of in our time. They do some amazing talks on Maths and Science with the best professors. There was a fascinating talk on e.


      1. Ah! Do have a look at their schedule of events when they come over, the evening discourses are possibly some of the best public science events in the world

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