NEWS: European Mathematical Society Prize

IranSZian-Swedish mathematician Sara Zahedi has won the European Mathematical Society Prize, one of the most prestigious prizes for European mathematicians awarded once every 4 years.

Zahedi won this prize due to her efforts to improve computer simulations of the behaviour of immiscible fluids such as water, oil and gas. She is an expert in numerical analysis which allows her to study how to make computer simulations more efficient and accurate.

Zahedi is the only woman to win one of this year’s prizes, which is awarded to mathematicians age 35 or below. Furthermore, she’s one of only nine female recipients since the EMS prize began in 1992.

She expresses how:

“I didn’t have any friends and I didn’t know any Swedish but math was a language I understood… In math class, I was able to communicate with my peers and I was able to make friends by solving problems with them.”

Previous winners of this prize include Grigori Perelman and Cédric Villani.

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