Yesterday was a big day for my blog: I hit 100 followers! I would like to thank everyone for reading and subscribing to my blog, it means the absolute world to me that so many people enjoy my posts. Having starting ‘mathsbyagirl’ simply because I wanted to share my passion for maths, it is overwhelming to have so much support. Although this may seem like a small number to some of those reading this, it is a big achievement for me!

In order to celebrate this, I wanted to list some of my favourite blog posts that I have written:

  1. Beautiful Equations Series: As an avid believer that maths is beautiful, this series attempts to demonstrate this through a series of equations which I deem to be beautiful.
  2. My series of ‘Forgotten Mathematicians’: this was one of my most popular series, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing.
  3. The Maths of Google: having previously not known about the algorithm governing Google I (funnily enough) googled this topic, which resulted in me writing this blog post.
  4. ‘Why do I love Maths?’: This was a more personal blog post on why I love maths and was extremely therapeutic to write!
  5. How Scandalous: I loved writing this post on the top mathematics scandals, as it embodies what my blog is about: making mathematics interesting and fun for everyone, even those who may not be comfortable with the more technical side of mathematics.

What is your favourite post? M x


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