New Chapter! (Personal Post)

This year was my last year in secondary school (year 13), and so my next big chapter is university! I will be attending university the UK, of course studying mathematics.

Whilst I am scared about this new chapter in my life: becoming independent and discovering how to do everything for myself and by myself, I am also excited for what’s to come. Learning new things in mathematics has always greatly excited me and I am ready to be challenged intellectually (something that I felt I was lacking during my A-Levels).

I have always been a very academic person, and so it is only natural that I have always dreamed of going to university. Now that it is finally here, I feel this strange sort of emptiness: what is there to strive for now? I know that this feeling will immediately disappear as soon as I am hit with the intensity of work from my course, but it is strange to think that now my challenges and goals will shift from getting into university to getting a job.

In terms of my blog, to deal with the increased work load I think that I will have to decrease the frequency of my uploads. I’ll keep you updated on my new schedule when I decide on what’s best!

M x


8 thoughts on “New Chapter! (Personal Post)”

  1. Don’t worry; once you get into the mathematics all that talk of getting a job might fade away! A career in academia should never be overlooked. Enjoy university, I assure you having done it one, and doing it for a second time it will be the best time of your life

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