NEWS: New Twin Primes Found

PrimeGrid is a collaborative website with the aim to search for prime numbers. It is similar to GIMPS, which only searches for Mersenne Primes specifically. It works by allowing anyone to download their software and donate their “unused CPU time” to search for primes. PrimeGrid is responsible for many of the recent prime numbers that have been found, which includes “several in the last few months which rank in the top 160 largest known primes“.

On the 14th of September they announced their most recent discovery made by the user Tom Greer who discovered a new pair of twin primes. (Note that twin primes are prime numbers that differ by two.)

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.29.24 AM.png

The primes are “388,342 digits long, eclipsing the previous record of 200,700 digits”. These primes have been entered in the database for The Largest Known Primes, which is maintained by Chris Caldwell and are currently ranked 1st for twins and each are ranked 4180th overall.


M x


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