New Books in Maths: June 2017


Author: Geoffery West

Geoffery West, one of the most influential scientists of today, has written Scale to explore the hidden laws that govern the life cycle of a myriad of different things, from plants and animals to the cities we live in.

Although this book is more biological rather than mathematical, Scale promises to be an exciting adventure story about the laws that bind us together in simple but profound ways. This book aims to show the reader  how cities, companies and biological life are ‘dancing to the same simple powerful tune

“On one level, ‘Scale’ is a book about Mr West’s peculiar career path. But on another, it is about the hidden mathematical patterns underlying life, cities and commerce. Many things that appear unrelated are actually linked, he says.”

– The Economist

It’s All a Game

Author: Tristan Donovan

Games expert and British journalist Tristan Donovan has recently released a book explaining the incredible and often surprising history and psychology of board games.

By describing the evolution of the game across different cultures, times and continents, Donovan recollects compellingstories and characters, such as the paranoid Chicago toy genius behind Operation and Mouse Trap or the role of Monopoly in helping prisoners of war escape the Nazis, revealing why board games ‘have captured hearts and minds all over the world for generations‘.

“[A] timely book…It’s All a Game provides a wonderfully entertaining trip around the board, through 4,000 years of game history.”

― The Wall Street Journal

The Calculus of Happiness

Author: Oscar E. Fernandez

IThe Calculus of Happiness, Oscar Fernandez shows us that math allows us to gain interesting insights into health, wealth and love. This book is great for anybody that doesn’t have a lot of mathematical understanding as Fernandez uses only high-school-level math to guide the reader through many surprising results, such as an easy rule of thumb for choosing foods that lower the risk of developing diabetes.

“A nutrition, personal finance, and relationship how-to guide all in one, ‘The Calculus of Happiness’ invites you to discover how empowering mathematics can be.

M x


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