New Podcast!

Today is a quick post to let you know that the writer of one of my favourite blogs Roots of Unity, Evelyn Lamb, and the mathematician Kevin Knudson from the University of Florida have created a new podcast called ‘My Favourite Theorem‘!

Lamb says:

In each episode, logically enough, we invite a mathematician on to tell us about their favourite theorem. Because the best things in life are better together, we also ask our guests to pair their theorem with, well, anything: wine, beer, coffee, tea, ice cream flavours, cheese, favourite pieces of music, you name it. We hope you’ll enjoy learning the perfect pairings for some beautiful pieces of math.

Click here to listen to the first episode, which features Lamb and Knudson telling us about their favourite theorems!

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VIDEO: Notation

Exponents, logarithms and roots each utilise different notation, which can be confusing for students as it’s almost like learning three different ‘languages’, for no real good reason. The video I am sharing with you, by 3blue1brown, attempts to simplify this notation by using one elegant system, and also explains how maths could be made more accessible by developing cleaner notation.

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